How to Keep Birds Out of the Garden

Birds can be a welcome addition to your garden.   Many kinds birds are great they eat garden pests such as snails and insects. Unless of course they are eating your fruit or plucking your fish out of your pond!  Then something needs to be done.  The question is how do you keep those birds out of the… Read More »

Pew, How to Keep Skunks Out of Your Garden

We all know the stories about skunks and are familiar with how much they can smell.  That might not be the biggest issue when you are dealing with the garden or your yard.  So how do you keep skunks out of your garden or yard? There are several things that work with these creatures but first let’s discuss… Read More »

How to keep Cats Out of the Garden

Cats are great animals but not always fun if they are in your yard or garden and they are not yours.  As you may have read on the home page about my cat in my garden problem.  I had to get rid of him and found a way to do it.  After such time I have looked at… Read More »