Do Deer Eat Sunflowers and 4 Ways to Keep Them Out Now

Deer are a headache issue for lots of garden enthusiasts. They can get into food, flower gardens and even can eliminate the location they go through. Do deer eat sunflowers? This might be a typical concern of numerous garden enthusiasts. Some individuals are preparing to plant sunflowers in their gardens however do not know if deer can harm them.

Do Deer Eat Sunflowers

Let’s go through this short article to discover the response. And if the fact is that deer like sunflowers, how can you keep them from your garden? Here is most likely all you need to know to keep deer from eating your sunflowers.

Do Deer Eat Sunflowers?

A piece of unfortunate news for those who wish to plant sunflowers is deer eat sunflowers, they particularly like leaves. Even really tall sunflowers are not safe from their reach.

Most people think about sunflowers as a fantastic dove attracting field plot. However, it is likewise excellent for deer. Sunflower is abundant in protein, so it becomes one of their preferred food source. In addition, young sunflower plants and growing seed heads appear especially tasty to deer.

Numerous garden enthusiasts had issues with deer since they consumed plants (in specific sunflowers) in their gardens. They can damage your garden if you do not understand how to stop them.

How To Keep Deer From Your Sunflower Garden?

Do you currently understand the response to the concern “Do deer eat sunflowers?”? As discussed above, if you wish to grow sunflowers, it is essential to discover a method to keep deer from your garden.

They will come and attack your sunflowers since there is a possibility that when you are not at the house. To keep deer from consuming their method through your garden, here are some options you can follow:

Protective Fences

The protective fence is most likely the most straightforward and most efficient option to hindering deer. A wall should broaden partially underground and not have spaces more significant than six × 6 inches to keep deer out, where deer can crawl under or capture through.

The deer will walk around the fence to discover a method to attack inside, ensuring you confine your whole garden.

A fence requires to be a minimum of 8 feet high or more. Some deer can even clear an 8-foot fence if there are no barriers such as tree branches, angled netting, or something like that.

And in some cases, the very best fence is no fence at all. For example, at the zoo, individuals frequently different giraffes, zebras, and antelopes from us human beings with a large border of big, irregularly shaped rocks instead of a fence.

Since these animals will not stroll on unsteady rock locations, this is. Deer are the very same. Constructing a 6 to 8 feet broad fence of big rocks around your sunflower garden will make it difficult for deer to go into that part of the garden.

Deer Deterrent Sprays

Numerous deer deterrent sprays are readily available on the marketplace, such as rotten eggs and water, pepper spray, soap spray, and more. When you use this technique, make sure that your spray is as natural as possible.

Some garden enthusiasts even draw deer away by growing their preferred foods in another location far from your sunflower garden.

Avoid Deer by Threatening Them

Lots of people prevent deer by putting strips of tinfoil or clattering aluminum pans in the garden. However, this technique is entirely inadequate for domesticated deer. Instead, you can utilize motion-activated sprinklers.

As the deer technique, these sprinklers will notice movement and provide an intense burst of water in the direction of the motion. This will terrify the deer and send them flying.

You can likewise quickly change the series of the sprinkler’s goal to target a specific location. The usage of these sprinklers is the preferred option of lots of garden enthusiasts to secure their sunflowers.

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Grow Plants as Taste Based Repellents

Deer depend significantly on their sense of odor. So they will prevent it if something smells not appealing to them—deer-like plants and trees that taste great, like people.

They will go somewhere else to get food if you can make your plants unsightly to the sense of odor or taste of deer. Some garden enthusiasts plant hot spicy herbs and other plants around the shrubs and trees they wish to secure for these factors.

Some deer-repelling plants typically have a strong scent, such as mint, lavender, chives, or garlic.

Deer Eat Sunflowers SO???

To summarize, for the concern “Do deer eat sunflowers?” the response is YES, deer eat sunflowers.. Deer enjoy eating sunflowers, mainly leaves. If you desire to grow sunflowers in the garden, attempt one of the techniques to keep deer out that we have provided above.

Do You Want Deer in Your Garden

While we have talked about different ways to keep deer our of your garden we do know some people want deer in their gardens, or maybe part of their garden. You can plant a small portion of deer attracting plants away from plants you want to protect. Below are 6 plants that attract deer.

6 Deer-Attracting Plants

Deer are an issue source for lots of garden enthusiasts. If they are not stopped, they can attack food and flower gardens and entirely clean out the location. One method to eliminate dear is by preventing growing plants that they like.


Hosta is frequently planted around the outside of houses. They are a preferred treat for deer, especially the juicy leaves.


Roses are gorgeous; however, deer enjoy eating the flowers. Deer will not be prevented by thorns and will even eat bad-tasting ranges.


Unless the root system is reputable and excessive hasn’t been consumed, these plants will not endure coming back the following year when deer get to them.


Deer like to eat these flowers. Therefore, pansies are thought of as ‘deer food’ in numerous locations.

Crab Apple

Deer are brought into crab apple trees and will eat any apples that they can reach. They will likewise eat them off of the ground. Plant routine apple trees instead.


Deer eat sunflowers and especially like the leaves. However, even extremely tall sunflowers are not safe from their reach.

All of the plants above can be transplanted to locations where deer are welcome.

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