Do Deer Eat Tomatoes and 3 Ways to Stop Them

Growing tomatoes is a fun and rewarding experience, although it does take a lot of time and patience.  The concept of sharing your tomato production with the local population of deer is not such an appealing principle. So, the question that lingers is, “Do deer eat tomatoes?”

do deer eat tomatoes

I need to admit that I completely do not like the idea of seeing my beautiful veggies taken in or destroyed by the local wildlife, nevertheless do deer eat tomato plants? Read on to find out if your tomato production is at risk and how to protect it.

Do Deer Eat Tomatoes and Tomato Plants?

An issue that many novice garden lovers ask. To attend to is the Extension Office of the Oregon State University, who state that deer not simply eat tomato plants, nevertheless they truly eat over 500 plants, a great deal of which can be found in a veggie garden.

Now, you might think that the information refer simply to those gardens discovered in the countryside nevertheless you might not be more inaccurate. A research study performed by the Texas University exposes that deer exist in the city landscape.

With this in mind, you might now question how to secure your important plants from the deer “attacks”. Let’s see what other veggies deer eat and how to deer-proof your garden.

What Other Plants Do Deer Eat?

Deer like tomatoes, nevertheless other plants in your garden might similarly be at risk. Other favorites of the deer are the Swiss chard, strawberries, sweet corn, raspberries, and some kinds of beans.

In addition to these plants deer in fact eat, your other veggies might be harmed by the deer who walk quickly in your garden. Keeping the deer far from your crops is a must.

How To Keep Deer Away From Tomatoes and Tomato Plants?

One technique to keep deer far from your tomato plants is, plainly, by establishing a high and strong fence. Here are a couple of alternative choices if you would rather avoid building a fence nevertheless you still care about the stability of your garden.

1. Plant deer deterrents

If deer like some veggies and herbs, they definitely do not like others. Planting a number of deer deterrents might be the finest choice to keep those bucks and doe away. Here are a number of plants to think of:

Hot peppers
Bee balm

Plant this around the perimeter of your garden to help keep the deer away.

2. Spray repellents

Other trusted services to keep deer far from your tomato plants are the repellent sprays. On the market, there are a number of ready-to-use products you can acquire, or you can make natural sprays by mixing water with other active components. You may make use of:

Hot pepper spray;
Garlic powder spray;
Predator urine spray;
Vinegar and ammonia spray.

Of course you should be careful where you spray these as not to contaminate your crops. The bad part of this is you also need to reapply them occasionally to have the full effect.

3. Alternative techniques

Other approaches to keep deer far from your business or property home include motion activated sprayers, that spray a cold blast of water when deer come up to your plants or ultrasonic devices that release a discouraging noise.

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Even if there are numerous strategies to keep deer far from your tomatoes, you will have the capability to efficiently protect your garden by making use of amongst the methods discussed above.

If you have any issues, or if you want to share your method, please leave us a remark listed below.

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