Contech (Costway) ScareCrow Motion Activated Sprinkler The Best?

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scarecrow motion activated animal repellent reviewOverview

Do you have to deal with animals wrecking the beautiful garden in the backyard that you, so painstakingly, brought to life? Will the Contech ScareCrow, now Costway, help? I am sure you feel so down when you see those raccoons ravaging and burrowing in your garden and damaging your plants.

When the going gets tough, it becomes pertinent for you to invest in a robust mechanism to get those pesky animals out of your garden and scare them when they dare to enter. Introducing to you the Contech, now Costway ScareCrow Motion Activated Sprinkler.


· This motion-activated sprinkler is an animal deterrent that enables you to have a peaceful, non-invasive scenario in your backyard.

· The landscaped areas are protected from a variety of animals including deer, raccoons, rabbits, and birds, who leave the land and crop damaged.

· Pests are driven away with the sprinkler and the sound that is emitted once the device picks up the motion of animals when on.

· The device can be implanted into the ground and can be made fierce-looking through the stickers provided along with the set.

· The sensor uses a 9V battery and protect around 1,200 sq. ft of area.contech scarecrow assembly

Working The Contech ScareCrow

The setting up and working of the Costway Scarecrow motion sensor is very simple to conduct and doesn’t require an expert. The parts can be assembled through the instructions mentioned in the user manual that comes along with the kit.  I did include a picture of one common mistake when trying to put it together up above.

Assemble the sprinkler that has the following components:

· The sensor body attached to the water sprinkler head

· The stem or extension stick can be adjusted and implanted in your backyard.

· The hosepipe connection to the direct water line in your backyard.

Once it is set up and implanted, switch on the water hose and keep the timer on the connection to ensure that the sprinkler is activated only when you need it.


· Not poisonous like certain chemicals, which are used to keep the pest out

· Cost-effective as you can purchase it for a reasonable price

· Easy to set up and use and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance

· Complete security against the creatures of the night

· Sensitivity factor can be adjusted


The obvious problem that comes to mind is the leaking that can occur at the hose-end due to the continuous connection with the tap. To remedy this, you will need extra tight-end washers or Teflon tape.Amazon Reviews

Final Verdict

The Contech Scarecrow, now Costway, is well-thought product that solves your animal problem to a great extent and instills in animals that they will need to stay away from the area. It’s a great product that will surely help you immensely. Go ahead and get yours below Today!  Update Contech is now called Costway.  The product is just as good as it used to be, it is just made by another manufacturer..

6 thoughts on “Contech (Costway) ScareCrow Motion Activated Sprinkler The Best?

  1. Evie

    sounds quite good. My mother has problems with neighbour’s cats coming into her garden to do their business and catch fish from her pond. Whilst she has her own cats they do not dig up the garden (use litter boxes) and they do not hunt her fish. She keeps looking for ideas to use to keep other cats out of her garden when she or her cats are indoors.
    Does this come with a timer so that it can be switched on at certain times? or is it easy to switch on and off when you do not want it to go off

    1. admin Post author


      Thanks for the comment and question. It does not have a timer switch on it, but it is very easy to turn off. You just need to turn off the water. You can also buy a single line water timer so that it will be set to turn off and on during the times you are active.


  2. Matt's Mom

    This is a wonderful Idea, to have a motion activated sprinkler to scare off animals…especially pesky deer! My only question is this: while it is hooked up and the water is turned on, will you see any amount of a water bill, or do you not really see an increase unless the sprinkler is running? This would be my only deterrent from purchasing this.

    1. admin Post author

      Matt’s Mom,

      Thanks for the comment and question. As long as you do not have a leak there should be virtually no difference in your water bill. Each time the sprinkler goes off it uses 3-5 cups of water, depending on the model. So unless you have a leak or 1000s of animals setting it off, you shouldn’t really notice anything. Also as the animals learn to avoid the area, it will go off less and less.


    2. Judyann Joyner

      2006, bought a house surrounded by 16,000 acres of woods, herds of deer. First few years, I tried every deer repellent possible. They ate everything to the ground. Then I bought the Scarecrow, 14 YEARS and it still works like a charm. Should you forget a night or two to turn it on, the deer become TRAINED to keep away. I just wouldn’t make a habit of having it off.
      As for water consumption, it’s minimal that you should see no effect on the bill. Frankly, what it cost me to keep replacing plants and shrubs, would more than compensate if it did add a few cents to the bill.
      My only recommendation, stay with the battery operated unit. Tried the new solar last year, it does t work proving, new and improved is not always improved.

      1. admin Post author

        Thank you for your input. Very helpful and glad they are still working for you.


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