Is Eliminator Animal Repeller Excellent?

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 Hoont Solar Powered Motion Activated Ultrasonic with Flashing Strobe Outdoor Animal and Pest Repeller
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eliminator-advanced-electronic-outdoor-animal-repellerAnyone, who has moles, gophers, voles, or various other burrowing animals will not likely plan to waste their time or cash on products that aren’t efficient. Is the Eliminator Animal Repeller a product that does that?

Even when these unwanted animals are often very troublesome, the majority of people choose to have a humane method to rid their yard of them. A cost-effective and humane selection is an Eliminator Animal Repeller that is solar powered. It is absolutely perfect and provides 100% solutions to various outdoor pests.  It will also work on cats, mice, dogs, deer and many more.

How The Eliminator Animal Repeller works

The Eliminator Animal Repeller functions by switching vibrations in your yard and sound waves, which the moles don’t especially like and often will move away from the unit. The batteries that power the item are charged from the solar energy panels. The batteries can hold enough power to repel animals for a couple of days, in case there isn’t any sunlight, the Hoont ultrasonic pest repeller still works and may carry on doing it’s job.

Types of work it does

The solar powered Hoont has a stake that goes directly into the ground with the solar panel above the soil. Lots of people find the kind of stake that has worked the most effective is aluminum stakes. Green stakes may very well be most the desired type since they blend in with the grass. Other buyers take advantage of the stakes to enhance the decor of the yard, so they may select a type that comes in a wide range of colors or has a LED light to increase the lighting of the area.Amazon Reviews

Number needed

For optimum effectiveness, solar animal repellers need to be spaced properly, so there exists a slight overlapping of the forty-eight-ft radius which the Eliminator works within. Start with enough to cover the sq footage of the area that there’s a problem with any unwanted animals. Some feel that aluminum stakes may work efficiently inside of a larger radius versus the plastic stakes.

If you are specifically targeting moles, you may find that you need 2 or 3 days and occasionally seven days,until the moles vacate the area. It could be necessary to re-position the stakes to improve efficiency. The moles will continue to burrow outside of the radius, so there need to be enough stakes to prevent the moles far enough away to no longer be a

It may take some time for it to properly affect other animals as well.  If you still see traffic the animals may be avoiding the trigger area.  In this case you may need to get more of them to get proper coverage.

Situations when they fail to work

Areas which can be heavily shaded will not be able to get adequate sunlight to charge the battery. Therefore the solar Animal and Pest repellers won’t work. Caliche (sedimentary rock), a high concentration of large stones, and large rocks will prevent the sound waves and vibrations from traveling in the soil, so the repeller won’t be as effective since it will be in soil that the vibrations and sounds can go through easily.

2 thoughts on “Is Eliminator Animal Repeller Excellent?

  1. Estevan Artmin

    Sounds like an interesting piece of equipment. I like the fact that it is solar powered and I have heard of sound frequencies that repel animals before. Vibrations in the ground seem a little hard to believe as the unit does not look very big so I’m curious about that one. Nice review at least there is a good savings on buying the unit through the link you offered.

    1. admin Post author


      I know it sounds strange, no pun intended, but the sounds do work on animals in the ground as well. It does take some time for them to be effective as I stated. It can take up to a week for underground vermin.

      Thanks for your comment.



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