Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas and 8 Ways to Stop Them Now

Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas and 8 Ways to Stop Them Now

How To Stop Deer From Eating Hydrangeas (Other Plants Too). There’s absolutely nothing even worse than planting your preferred hydrangea bush to learn the deer enjoy them as much as you do! They way we found out the answer to the question, “Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas” is we planted 40 hydrangeas on our future house’s land, I should have known that the deer would consumed the majority of them before we ever had an opportunity to enjoy them. Today I’ll show you what I found out about how to stop deer from consuming hydrangeas.

Hydrangeas are planted around the globe and are offered in lots of types. Some are most likely than others to end up being deer food. However, the truth is that if deer are starving enough, they can eat almost anything.

Do Deer Eat Hydrangeas?

Yes. Deer like the newly grown, tender pointers of the hydrangea plant. They are typically not drawn in by the older leaves; however, naturally, they’ll eat occasion those if they are genuinely starving.

If you wish to provide your hydrangeas a much better possibility to endure and do not wish to construct a full-on fence, you can always use wire cages around the smaller-sized plants to secure them.

Another technique I discovered this year in our garden was to plant hydrangeas surrounded by other leafy plants so that they blend in, and there’s not a great deal of area around them. As a result, deer will not enter into a tight area, which will benefit your benefit.

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How to Stop Deer from Eating Hydrangeas

If you question how to stop deer from consuming your plants, particularly your precocious hydrangeas, you remain in a big group of individuals. There are approximately 30 million deer in the United States, and 77% of American homes are gardening. That implies there will be many scenarios where individuals and deer are going to connect. Those gardening statistics pertain to us from the National Gardening Survey.

On an average year 2.5 billion dollars is spent on gardening in the USA.  The last year has actually shown an increase in spending on gardening do to the pandemic.  So, having some deer devouring on your flowers and plants is more than simply irritating. It can get costly.

Now that we know the answer to the question do deer eat hydrangeas, here are a couple of tested pointers to make your lawn as deer-proof as possible and keep your gorgeous hydrangea shrubs and climbing up vines from ending up being deer food.

1. Deer will not eat these hydrangea types, kind of…

Climbing up hydrangeas can reach heights of several feet. This luckily this height puts them out of reach of starving deer.

For whatever factors, oakleaf hydrangeas do not look as appealing to deer as other ranges. However, the oakleaf range produces white flowers (comparable to the flowers of the climbing up hydrangea), and you can utilize mature or dwarf plants.

Big Oak like Leaf Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangea, Gatsby Moon Oakleaf Hydrangea, Little Honey Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea are others that deer tend not to eat as much.

2. Utilize this homemade deer repellent dish.

Head into your cooking area, and you can work up an easy (and chemical-free) service that will not damage your plants. It likewise will not injure any deer or other animals that choose to offer it a taste either. However, it will sure make them look for yummier food.

Develop this mixture:

One egg yolk.

A liter of water.

One teaspoon baking powder.

Mix well and use a sprayer ahead with a big hole or holes so that the gooey mix can make it through (this one is best for the task). Spray every two weeks and after rain. This spray is a deer-resistant service for hydrangeas that operates in all weather conditions and specifically well in sunny and hot locations. The deer will offer and bite up because of the odor (and no, people will not smell the egg).

3. Soap up your landscape

Considering how to stop deer from consuming hydrangeas might not get you dreaming about a scented take in a hot bath. Instead, what revitalizes you at the end of a long day of gardening has something typical with deer proofing your backyard scented soap.

No, you are not going to run deer off by bathing them. Instead, hang antiperspirant soap or your preferred scented soap on trees or plants near your hydrangeas. This use of soap is an old-school technique that works well to keep deer away.

4. Grow these plants near your hydrangeas

Plant tulips, lilies, and pansies, and you are generally stating, “All deer are welcome here.” But, of course, deer enjoy those plants, in addition to being able to knockout roses, arborvitae, apple, and cherry trees.

You send out the opposite message when you choose instead to plant daffodils and boxwoods, spirea, and lavender. Those are a couple of plants deer generally avoid, in addition to butterfly bushes and beautyberries, foxglove, and poppies.

5. Utilize an electrical fence around your hydrangeas

You may desire to invest in an electric fence if you have lots of hydrangea plants. Wrap this fence around them and enjoy your hydrangea flowers without fretting about deer.

6. Cover your hydrangeas in deer netting

Ross Deer Netting and Fencing Reusable (Protection For Trees and Shrubs From Animals) 7 feet x 100 feet.

Lots of garden enthusiasts have had success utilizing deer netting. you can discover this at your regional Home Depot or Loews; however, if they do not have it, attempt Amazon (they have several affordable alternatives). This netting is nearly unnoticeable and highly lightweight. Curtain it on the bush and slow in the ground with some wooden stakes.

There’s only one drawback with this approach: as your hydrangea bush grows, it will grow through the netting. And require mindful elimination when the flowers and leaves fall in the fall: a little cost for having your hydrangeas all to yourself.

7. Keep a radio on in your hydrangea bush in the evening

As amusing and as far brought those noises, it’s all my next-door neighbor utilizes in his enormous veggie garden, and the deer never attempt to come in. To make it simple, select a solar-powered radio and location it in the middle of your hydrangea garden. Periodically alter the station. Issue fixed!

8. Motion Activated Sprinklers

These come in a wide range of manufactures and designs.  The also have different features which make them effective.  You can see our recommendations here.

I hope you can now enjoy your hydrangeas instead of battling the deer for them and now you know do deer eat hydrangea? YES.

Did you capture a deer nibbling on your hydrangeas?  If you did please post your picture of that happening below in the comments section.  We love seeing your photos.  If you have any other ways you found to be effective to keep deer from eating your plants please let us know.

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  1. Carole A Bent

    Garden-sparklers!!!!!! Set with 4 solar-powered flashing ORBS and they spook the deer. School chum told me this trick that he uses, and(Touch wood) so far they have left our raised gardens alone…and My beautiful Hydrangea will still be wrapped with white bridal netting to protect them twice. Best regards Carole bent

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. That works well too.


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