Do Deer Eat Roses and 5 Ways to Stop Them Now!

There’s an issue that shows up a lot– Do deer eat roses?

Do Deer Eat Roses and 5 Ways to Stop Them Now

Do Deer Eat Roses?

Deer are charming animals that we like to see in their natural meadow and mountain environments, no doubt about it. Deer do take pleasure in the beautiful, succulent advancement they find in those meadows and valleys. Nevertheless, they cannot hold up against a rose garden if there is one neighboring. So yes, deer eat roses.

Let’s discover more about roses and deer. Deer Damage to Rose Bushes I have heard it mentioned that deer look at roses like many people do terrific chocolates. Deer will eat the buds, blooms, foliage, and even the rose canes of the bushes. They are especially keen on the brand-new, tender advancement where the thorns are not so sharp and company.

Deer generally do their grazing damage throughout the night, and occasionally you may see deer eat roses throughout the day. According to some information, each deer takes in, generally, 5 to 15 pounds (2.5 to 7 kg.) of plant matter from shrubs and trees every day. When we consider that deer generally live and feed in herds, they can do a fantastic amount of damage to our gardens, roses included, in a short amount of time.

Where we live in Indiana, I cannot count the times I have gotten a call from fellow rose-loving garden lovers in real distress about the loss of their whole rose beds! But, unfortunately, as quickly as their roses have been chewed on by the starving deer aside from prune down what is left of the damaged canes, there is nothing else you can do.

Pruning out the harmed canes and sealing all the cut ends may help. Watering the rose bushes with a water and Super Thrive mix will go a long way in helping the roses recover from the substantial stress of such an attack. Super Thrive is not a fertilizer; it is a product that provides essential nutrients to the bushes at a time of significant requirement.

Do not utilize vast amounts of fertilizer, as the roses need a very long time to recover. The same plan applies after a hail storm or other events that set off significant damage to rose bushes.

Deer Proofing Roses

If you live in a comprehended place to have deer close by, think about defense early on. Yes, the deer do take pleasure in roses. It does not appear to matter if the roses are the popular Knockout roses, Drift roses, Hybrid Tea roses, Floribundas, Miniature roses, or shrub roses. The deer like them!

That mentioned, the following roses are thought to be more resistant to deer: Swamp rose (Rosa palustris), Virginia rose (R. Virginiana), Pasture rose (R. Carolina).

There are great deals of deer repellents on the market too. Nevertheless, a great deal needs to be reapplied from time to time and especially after a rainstorm.

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Many things have been tried as deer repellents over the years. One such technique consisted of hanging bars of soap around the rose garden. The bar soap strategy did seem adequate for a while, then the deer appeared to get used to it and went on and did their damage. Then, perhaps, the deer were just hungrier, and the scent of the soap was no longer a strong enough deterrent.

The requirement to turn whatever type or method of repellent used is extremely crucial to achieve ideal security for your roses, and other plants are something to consider. Mechanical devices on the market operate as protective deterrents, such as timed or “electronic seeing eye” items that activate a sprinkler to come on or a noise when motion is found. However, even with the mechanical things, the deer get used to after a while, so you will need to move them around occasionally.

Utilizing an electrical fence put all around the garden is probably the most helpful deterrent. However, if it’s low enough, the deer will leap over it, so a method of baiting them to the fence might be used if chosen, including utilizing peanut butter spread carefully onto the electric fence wire while it is shut down. The deer like peanut butter and will try to lick it off; nevertheless, they get a little shock that sends them in the other guidelines when they do so. To me, this is a bit too cruel.

Putting family canine hair or anti-static sheet around and through the rose bed has worked in some cases. However, merely remember that changing it up is necessary for its effectiveness.

Another method of deterrent security to think of is planting a border around the rose bed of plants comprehended to fend off deer or are resistant to them. A few of these include Astilbe Butterfly Bush Coreopsis Columbine Bleeding Heart Marigolds Dusty Miller Ageratum Contact the Extension Service where you live or a local Rose Society group for better information specific to your area.

Deer Eat Roses and Other Plants

We started this by asking the question, do deer eat roses, and have answered that with a resounding yes. However, they also eat other plants, including pumpkins, tomatoes, hydrangeas, and more! Each of the ways we have given you above can help deter deer from your garden regardless of the plants in your garden.

Suppose you have any other suggestions that we may have missed above. Please leave a comment below; we love your comments and ideas!

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